Organic foods are products grown without using of any chemical additives, pesticides, hormones, synthetic fertilizers or other similar substances and changing their genes. These foods strengthen the immune system and help you stay fresh and young thanks to their anti-oxidant effects and anti-aging features.

We grow all vegetables and fruits used in Akkaya Restaurant at the Akkaya Farm, sitting over a land of 30,000 square meters, located within Akkaya Valley relying on organic production styles. The vegetables and fruits are irrigated by use of natural spring waters and fertilized by use of the natural fertilizers of Sakiz Lambs that we breed in the farm. The unique taste of our foods and the natural outlook and color of our fruits and vegetables come from this.

You may visit to our farm while touring the valley where you will have the chance to pick fruits and vegetables with your bare hands in their natural environment. If you remain ambivalent between seeing the beauties of the valley and enjoying the farm facilities, just let us know your intention of visit one day ahead so that we pick the most select foods and fruits for you while you take a tour of the Hidden Valley.

Soon we will offer 100% organic jams, olive oils and wines, all to be produced in our own farm facilities, so that you will be able to share the Akkaya delights with your beloveds.